Monday, June 4, 2012

Turning Idolator, by Edward C. Patterson

Turning Idolator
by Edward C. Patterson
Published by Smashwords
Word Count: 89.000


Philip Flaxen, who strips past his jockstrap on the Internet for, acquires a rare gift — a book that transforms his life. With it, he sparks with a famous author, whittles away at a new craft, swims with an odd circle of new acquaintances and is swept up in mayhem. Philip leaves the world of The Porn Nazi and enters the realm of crisp possibilities.


Oh what can I say...I literally had to drag myself through most of this book.

Okay, first, it's a literary book, which means fancy prose. It's beautiful, but soooo slow. Serious pacing issues. The blurb doesn't indicate this writing style and neither does the topic (an online stripper).

Second, the descriptions were way, waaay too long at points. It really slowed down the reading and I think it could have gone without a lot of it. Especially at the beginning of part two, where it goes pages and pages in the point of view of a seagull, then a whale, then a cat, and finally a dog before we get to the humans. Wow, I didn't see the purpose of it and found myself skimming through most of it. A content editor would have quickly yanked that out. There are actually quite a few places in this book where I would have stopped reading, because the pace just died, if I hadn't been forced to continue for the challenge I read this for.

Third, I'm giving this story 3.5 stars despite the above faults. The main reason is that it was a beautiful story between Philip and his love interest - and by beautiful, I mean epic. I may have had to drag myself through the first 70%, but the last 30% I read with frevor, being moved by the emotions and desperate to know about those killings. The characters were deep, the plot was nicely woven, and I think this story will stay with me forever. I'm glad I dragged myself past the first 70%. With proper content editing, this would be a solid 5 star book for me.

Writing/Voice: 4/3
Characters/Development: 4/4
Plot/Pace: 4/1
Heat: 1 (No sex. Would have loved some)
Stars: 3.5

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